IELTS Writing: DOs and DON’Ts of Task 2

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Image under Creative Commons from: the first 2015 post I’d like to continue with our IELTS series of posts we started last year. In this one I look at Writing Task 2. I’ve put together a list of tips which I normally give to my students during and IELTS preparation course. Usually the list is a final product of the course during which at different stages we brainstorm various exam tips, and it is used as a revision or consolidation.

You can revise all the tips with the student before the exam to see how much they remembered, and then compare the brainstormed list with the one here. You can also try using the DOs and DONTs at the beginning and then as a reference throughout the course.

You can download the list in pdf here: dos and donts.

dos and donts task 2

I hope you find the tips useful. If you would like to add any…

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